Corona Virus  Spread Precautions

Even with our Elite Smiley from Fødevarestyrelsen already in place, We at café OHA would like to assure you, that we are executing proper measures to fight against corona virus spread in our kitchens and sitting spaces. 

On top of the basic hygiene standards, we have put high priority in disinfecting the surfaces of our work stations and provided more hand disinfectants around the working areas. All the staffs are also reminded to wash their hands more frequently.

We are also providing hand disinfectant sprays for customers’ use. 

Regarding food supply, we purchase our ingredients from suppliers who are equally responsible in fighting the spread of the virus. On our part, we handle all produce with extra care - washing then thoroughly. 

We strictly prohibit our staff on coming to work if they have any symptoms similar to, or exactly that of the corona virus, such as fever, cough or colds and required them to get tested right away.


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