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Organic Coffee
Cafe OHA

Mostly Organic, Homemade and Adventurous! 

We, in our little cafe consider going organic, serving whole foods and mostly plant based dishes as a smart priority. This is not just a concept for us, it's a reality and lifestyle!

With this lifestyle, we strive to create a positive impact in our communities - in Copenhagen, and towards a people with healthier mind and body.

This is our balance between economy and social responsibility - a small step towards being people and planet friendly. 

Also, we constantly experiment in our kitchen to create dishes and drinks that not only taste good, but fresh and made from quality ingredients. 

Stop by for a bowl of pure organic acai or have your family dinner with us - we have an

exciting vegan dinner set meals  you would love. You can also bring a friend and enjoy a cup of coffee or freshly made juices - all here,  in our humble nook!

Happy to see you here at Cafe Oha!

OHA la la!

Special Deals

If you're thinking of eating more greens, sustainable foods, try out our Plant-based Dinner Meal Plans. We have a weekly menu which contains Mains, Sides and Salads. 

Simpler than Simple. 

Plant-based, Warm and Hearty, Ready to Eat Meals in Biodegradable packagings --- either you pick it up or we deliver it at your Doorstep.

Happy people, Happy Planet too! 

Available on Daily Purchase or  Weekly  Subscriptions  for Single Days, Multiple Days or the Whole Week! You save Money, Time and Energy.

Check out the menu here and plan ahead your meals by looking at the up-coming weeks!

Brunch - Super Brekky
Organi Coffee. Protein Chocolate and Peanut Butter Raw Bite.
Salmon pokebowl.jpg

A third space between home and the office

If you're looking for a place to do your work or build your business idea outside your office or home, you don't need to look far away. 


OHA is also designed where, people like you can tick off your tasks - like you always do, without having to burn your cash every time you are in cafes or when renting costly offices. 

We have designed a simpler approach and offers much more for the price!

Don't forget to Book

Due to corona, an online booking is now necessary to sit inside our cafes.

You can make a reservation by either calling us or clicking the buttons below.

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