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Corona Virus, Denmark on Lockdown and Creating more access to affordable healthy eating.

Due to the COVID19 spread causing Denmark on Lockdown, we are compelled to take social responsibility on a higher priority and help create a sustainable way to continue providing access to healthy eating, with a more focused approach on affordability and inclusivity.

With this, we launched a Plant-based/Vegan, Gluten Free Set Meals with Mains, Side Dishes and Salads. A Whole Foods, Healthy, Big in Flavor approach to quick and affordable dinner for one person to a family of four! Our Ingredients are not only rich in immune boosting properties, but are also carefully handled with utmost adherence to hygiene and Corona Virus Spread Precautions.

It's a high time to support each other even more and have each others back!

Click this link to check out our menu.

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