Have you tried a Poke Bowl before?

Trendy, Healthy Bowl of Goodness - Protein, carbs, vitamins and layers of flavours all in one!

A Photo Of Salmon Poke Bowl
Salmon Poké Bowl

Did you know that the delicious Poké Bowl (pronounced as poh-kay) originally, a Hawaiian dish, also took a deep root in Japanese Cuisine?

Similar to smoothie bowls, poke bowls provide the perfect vehicle for a combination of delicious and nutritious ingredients. Set on a bed of rice, an Asian-inspired poke bowl is essentially deconstructed sushi, but often is accompanied with more innovative flavours.

The various components which are typically Yellow Fin Tuna and Salmon, sticky or sushi rice and fresh, raw veggies are "cut into pieces" and grouped separately, not only for the visual impact but also so that they can be eaten in the combinations and ratios that you desire. Every bite is different, every bite is beautifully delectable!

A Photo of Vegan Poké Bowl
Vegan Poké Bowl

Generally speaking, poke bowls are very healthy. And as it evolved, more variations came to life such as a vegan poke, wherein, instead of the usual raw fish, it is replaced with plant-based protein such as tofu. For others, the white rice is replaced with healthier brown rice or even carb-free quinoa. Meanwhile, the vegetables including avocado, radishes, edamame, sugar snap peas, mango and cabbage are commonly used for that extra layer and flavour. Seaweeds, another common ingredient - packed with antioxidants, iron and protein, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals - show how deeply rooted the dish is in Japanese cuisine.

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